Causes of Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a bit of a mystery disease, but there are a number of theories as to its cause. Hello friends, this is Doctor Mark Linn, and I’m here today to give residents of Worth important information about this painful ailment.

Many diseases are the result of an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the immune system becomes overactive and attacks healthy cells as well as harmful bacteria. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can also be the result of anemia or dangerously low blood pressure.

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Stay Active

Just because you can’t move as quickly as you used to doesn’t mean that you should stop moving all together. Good day, Worth! This is Doctor Mark Linn here to give a tip to those 65 and up about anti-aging.

One of the best things that you can do for your health as a senior citizen is to stay active. Do what you can to keep moving, even if it means going for a walk with your cane or walker through the park. Exercise helps you avoid disease, thus potentially enabling you to live longer.

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What Burns You Up?

Let’s face it. All of us have emotions, including feelings of anger sometimes. However, what makes the difference is how we handle our anger. Hi, I’m Doctor Mark Linn, a practitioner of functional medicine here in Worth. I know how our emotions can cause flare-ups of  physical disorder and disease.

If there are certain situations that always cause your blood pressure to rise and your stomach to become tense, either avoid placing yourself in that situation or learn how to keep your cool in the midst of adversity. It’s no joke that you can literally have a heart attack if you do not learn how to manage your emotions.

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